Mrs. Finn

Welcome to 7th Grade ELA!

My name is Zuzana Finn and I will be your English Language Arts teacher. I am truly thrilled about the opportunity to spend this year with you!

Let me share a little about myself. I have been teaching for over twelve years: sixth and seventh grade English Language Arts at EMES; sixth grade English Language Arts in Surprise, Arizona; third and fourth grade in Laveen, Arizona and Harlem, New York; and classical music and English language & literature in Slovakia.

I completed two Master's degrees: M.A. in English Literature (Comenius University) and M.S. in Teaching (Fordham University). I am highly qualified to teach middle grades English Language Arts, and hold a gifted endorsement. In addition to teaching 7th grade ELA, I serve as the Gifted Education Lead at EMES.

I am a huge book nerd; my favorite genre is contemporary fiction. At my home, I have a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, housing about 9,000 books. I have to admit, that this is my favorite spot in the entire house. Additionally, I am really passionate about etymology and spelling and have been involved with my favorite brain sport, The Spelling Bee, for numerous years. Aside from reading, I enjoy listening to music, mostly classical and jazz. I'm also fond of traveling, and have visited about 20 countries so far, from Australia, Asia, and Europe to the Caribbean Islands. While traveling, I get the opportunity to learn about new cultures and languages, and try new foods.  I speak several languages; I am fluent in Slovak and Czech, with some basics in Russian, Polish, and German.

I consider my grandmother in Slovakia a true inspiration. Until the age of 91, she worked full-time, even though her vision deteriorated and she needed to use a wheelchair. Despite these obstacles, she managed to translate more than 200 books from several languages (German, French, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, and Czech) into Slovak. Quite amazing, right?

I can't wait to finally meet you! Let's have a phenomenal year together!