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Learning Expectations

High Expectations for Learning

Welcome to the Liberty Elementary School District! Our district’s vision is to cultivate curious, creative, problem solvers prepared for tomorrow. With high standards for academic excellence, each of our schools provides quality instruction within a unique signature program. Our rigorous curriculum is designed to both challenge learners and individualize learning.

Parents as Partners in Education

We believe that education is a partnership among students, their families, community members, and schools. As partners in your child’s education, the LESD Learning Expectations document can provide you as parents with a quick view of what your child is expected to learn in school this year. Mastering these skills by the end of the school year prepares your child for future success.

The Liberty Elementary School District curriculum is guided by the Arizona High Academic Standards for Students. Visit the Arizona Department of Education website at for additional information about the academic standards. 

Everything that is taught — or not taught — to children in the district must be in compliance with policies set by the Liberty Elementary School District Governing Board and the Arizona Department of Education.

What will my child learn at each grade level?

Regardless of the signature programs at each school, the foundation of our core content equips students for rigorous high school coursework and internships. Click on the grade level below to view the curriculum:

Primary Textbooks

Parents and community members may access copies of resources at their local school or the LESD District Office.

Supplemental Resources